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A traction lift, also known as an electric traction elevator, is a type of elevator that operates using a system of ropes or belts attached to the elevator car and looped around a pulley system called the sheave. This system is driven by an electric motor. different versions

Efficient Vertical Transportation

DP Elevator specializes in providing customized residential lift solutions to meet the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of homeowners

Traction Drive Mechanism

Traction lifts operate using a traction drive system, where ropes or belts are attached to the elevator car and looped around a drive sheave to facilitate movement.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

DP Elevator's traction lifts are designed for smooth and quiet operation, providing passengers with a comfortable and unobtrusive experience.

Ideal for High-Rise Buildings

Traction lifts are well-suited for high-rise buildings, offering reliable and controlled movement over multiple floors.

Energy-Efficient Options

DP Elevator offers energy-efficient traction lifts, contributing to sustainability initiatives while maintaining optimal performance.

Advanced Safety Features

Traction lifts by DP Elevator incorporate advanced safety features to ensure the well-being of passengers, including emergency braking systems and secure cabin design.

Customization for Various Applications

DP Elevator provides traction lifts that can be customized to suit various applications, accommodating specific building requirements and design preferences.

Modern Design Aesthetics

Elevating both form and function, DP Elevator's traction lifts often feature modern design aesthetics, enhancing the overall visual appeal of buildings.